About the Vacuflex Concepts

The Dougans International Vacuflex Concepts uses a vacuum boot foot reflexology treatment together with a vacuum cupping treatment sequence along the acupuncture meridians that transverse the whole body. This dynamic therapy offers the combined benefit of a full reflexology treatment, plus the stimulation of all the major meridians in one half-hour session. Although Reflexology and Acupuncture are effective as separate treatments, practical experience has shown that when balancing the acupuncture meridians in conjunction with foot reflexology, the result is faster normalisation and healing throughout the body.

The thoroughness of Vacuflex Concepts ensures that the patient always receives a complete and consistent treatment every time, irrespective of the practitioner’s own strength or accuracy of interpretation.

Possibly the most remarkable feature of a Vacuflex Concepts treatment is the discolouration that appears on the plantar and dorsal regions of the feet when the boots are removed. This is caused by the negative vacuum pressure and highlights areas of reflex and meridian congestion. The colours remain for approximately 15-30 seconds during which time the therapist can “assess” and “interpret” what is reflected. Furthermore, the vacuum pressure delivers the treatment to all the reflexes and meridian points (see Principles for more information).

Vacuflex Concepts has proved successful in treating many varied conditions. As the science of Reflexology and meridian stimulation becomes more widely accepted in western cultures, so too will the benefits of Vacuflex Concepts become further known. Quantum Physics recognises the interplay of energy on numerous levels that combine to form a whole. In this light, the human being is basically a dynamic process and health is the harmony of energy in motion responding to the body’s internal and external environments. For ages the Chinese have viewed illness as blocked energy along the meridians in the body. Once unblocked, this energy is allowed to flow freely enabling the body to holistically heal itself.