A combined Treatment and Visual Assessment tool

The most important attribute of the Vacuflex Concepts is the fact that it is not just a visual assessment tool such as the foot or DITI scanners described previously. Irrespective of whether the therapist is able to assess the map of colours that appear on a patient’s feet, or not, completing a Vacuflex Concepts boot and meridian treatment will always deliver a therapeutic treatment that will inevitably trigger a healing process and elimination.

These colours produced by a Vacuflex Concepts boot treatment are completely unique and considered as a major bonus. Instead of displaying changes in surface skin temperatures such as the DITI images, these colours display the thermal energy of the reflexes and the correlated organ(s) and divisions of the whole body. Thus the thermal energies presented have a far deeper interpretation of the body’s current state of homeostasis. A patient might seek treatment for a specific condition, yet when assessing the various thermal energies presented after a boot treatment, the therapist may find that the underlying cause for the patient’s condition will be different to the symptoms presented. Other lesser conditions or weaknesses will also reflect through the thermal energies and can therefore be discussed with the patient. Most importantly, however, it must be remembered that all conditions will also be treated through the treatment.

Each treatment will show the thermal energies of the body at that moment in time. With each treatment, some of the previous colours might have become less or disappeared, while others might have become stronger, all depending of the patient’s present lifestyle or state of healing.