A Vacuflex Concepts Treatment

Reflexology boot treatment

This stage involves the application of specifically designed felt boots to affect the reflexology part of the treatment for approximately 6 minutes at a pressure consistent with the patient’s comfort zone. The patient feels a pleasurable, yet firm pressure over the feet, ankles and calves as the vacuum pump removes the air from the plastic bags, creating a vacuum and causing the felt boots to constrict and apply a gradual, carefully controlled pressure.

For the first few treatments, the pressure is always set at the lowest end of the scale of pressure in order for the patient to adjust to the sensation and allowing for comfort. As the patient progresses in their healing process, the pressure may be slowly increased with each successive treatment. It is not necessary to exceed the level of preferred pressure in order to facilitate faster results to engender a better treatment.

Vacuflex Concepts has proven far more comfortable for those people who have a low pain threshold or who have intensely sensitive reflexes due to severe congestion in the body. During the treatment with the boots, the patient may feel a “strong” pressure in some of the reflexes and a “prickly” sensation in others. This is normal and quite different to the sharp pain often experienced during a manual reflexology treatment that can result in the patient jerking their foot away from the practitioner. Once the body has begun an elimination process, reflexes will become less sensitive as healing takes place in the various organ networks. It is important to stress that the sensation of pressure is not the same as a painful response.

Visual assessment of the colours of the feet

The negative vacuum pressure from the boots will leave a “map of colours” on the reflexes of feet for approximately 15-30 seconds. These colours are a measure of the body’s thermal energy and show body heat, or a lack thereof, in the various organs at the time of the treatment. Using “Reflexology terminology”, these colours highlight areas of reflex and meridian congestion. The colours that can appear are red, blue, yellow and/or white.

This visual impression is of the utmost importance in assessing the disease pathways and monitoring the changes in the colour patterns as elimination takes place with each treatment.

The colour red indicates high acid deposits. A blue colour appears when the body is in acute pain or if there is “stress” in the organs. A yellow colour appears on the reflexes where mucous has accumulated in the corresponding organs of the body and a white colour appears where there is either a chronic or long term condition, or a candida (yeast) infection.

After removal of the boots, patients with a lower resistance will often have the most colourful feet, whereas patients with chronic conditions may have very pale feet, confirming a lack of oxygen in the cellular levels. Usually after a few Vacuflex Concepts treatments, colours will start to appear on the reflexes of the feet as a direct result of increased oxygen levels in the body brought about by the treatments. This is a sign that the reflexes and therefore their corresponding organs are coming alive.

Meridian cupping treatment

This stage involves the application of silicon suction pads to stimulate the acupuncture points along the meridians. The pads are operated by the same suction system employed for the boots and are applied to the various meridian points along sections of the arms and lower legs on both sides of the body simultaneously. As soon as pressure is exerted on the acupuncture point, a vibration is created which runs through that particular meridian and disperses any molecules that are sticking together and causing a blockage in the energy flow along the pathway.

The suctions pads are moved around the body relatively fast during the treatment sequence. This often provokes the patients to ask about the effectiveness considering that they are just left on the acupuncture points for such a short time. The analogy used is that of dropping a stone into the sea. The stone will sink to the bottom and reach its destination very fast, but the ripples caused on the surface of the water will continue to be active for some time.

Healing process and elimination

It is quite possible for deep elimination to take place, especially after the first treatment. The elimination can take in the form of strong urine, frequent bowel movements, headaches, extreme tiredness and/or emotional outbursts. The patient may not however experience any of the above symptoms, but instead feel light and revitalised. This will depend entirely on the individual concerned and their particular genetic and symptomatic make-ups. The ultimate goal should be regular treatments to continuously revitalise the body and its functions.

Should a patient experience a painful elimination, it must be explained that this is to be regarded in a positive light and seen as the body’s method of purging toxins and rebalancing. It should also be emphasised that the treatment is holistic in principle, dealing with energy states and dynamics in the body where disease is primarily viewed as blocked energy.

Vacuflex Concepts is not a treatment that aims at suppressing symptoms as with orthodox medicine, and consequently patients may encounter a brief period of discomfort. The therapist should encourage them to persevere in order to heal and cleanse and furthermore understand the difference in treatments. After each treatment, elimination will become less and less uncomfortable, an awareness of improving one’s health will be felt and energy levels will increase substantially. The long-term benefits of Vacuflex Concepts must be emphasised!